Trade cryptocurrency without counterparty risk.

Sparkswap is the first cryptocurrency exchange built on the Lightning Network. Now, you can trade Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in seconds without depositing assets with a third party.


Use the CLI to view your wallet balance, check the global orderbook or buy BTC with LTC

Cryptocurrency trading exposes you to unnecessary risk.

Asset Loss

Over $1.5 billion in cryptocurrency has been stolen over the last 2 years due to attacks on exchanges.

Frozen Assets

Custodial exchanges expose your assets to risk of seizure or freezing by local governments.

Delayed withdrawals

Exchanges frequently delay asset distribution due to inefficient business process.

Sparkswap reduces counterparty risk by combining the best of both centralized and decentralized exchanges.

Never Share Private Keys

Keep control of your assets by securing them yourself.

Settle trades instantly

Settle trades as fast as you would on a centralized exchange without depositing your assets.

Trade cross-blockchain

Compatible with highly liquid trading pairs like BTC/LTC, with other BTC pairs coming soon.

A developer-friendly solution that you can use via CLI or API.

Take back control of your assets with Sparkswap